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A vaccinology company focused on infectious diseases in humans
Our Technology


PGTx develops and commercializes next-generation vaccines and biologics targeting areas of high unmet need.   Our vaccines use "Aegis", a proprietary technology platform enabling broad-spectrum protection across related pathogens.  They can be administered orally or by injection in both live and inactivated forms.  All our inactivated vaccines incorporate our "Hercules" adjuvant / delivery system.

Our Team


PGTx is led by an experienced management team supported by top scientific and industry advisors expert in R&D, business development and in the process of commercializing products for the market.  The Company's management expertise encompasses decades of human biologics.

Our Pipeline

We target the intestinal bacteria Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter and Shigella; parasites such as Apicomplexa, including malaria. Collaborations for human dysentery and malaria are in place.

Our Process


PGTx identifies high value discovery-stage opportunities through collaborations with leading research institutions and companies.


Our in-house R&D team takes high value research discoveries out of the laboratory, through the development process. 


PGTx seeks to enter into institutional and industry collaborations in order to expedite bringing our vaccines forward for the benefit of public health and welfare.