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A vaccine development company focused on unmet needs in infectious disease

Our Focus

PGTx-SESC is the first vaccine that targets the main four dysenteric bacterial pathogens: Salmonella, E. coli, Shigella and Campylobacter.  These pathogens cause hundreds of millions of dysentery cases each year and result in over 400,000 deaths, including over 170,000 deaths in children under the age of five, and billions of dollars in economic losses.  The four pathogens are identified as Critical, High and Medium Priorities on the WHO Global Priority list of antibiotic resistant bacteria.   Bacterial dysentery is a compelling, unmet global health need on a scale as comparable to malaria or seasonal influenza.


Our Vaccine

The vaccine is based on the proprietary "Aegis" recombinant vaccine platform enabling broad-spectrum protection among related pathogens by utilizing highly conserved antigens and immunopotentiators.  It can be administered orally or by injection and is presented on the surface of an attenuated, inactivated Salmonella vector.  PGTx has the exclusive global rights to use the patented technology in the PGTx-SESC vaccine for human bacterial dysentery.

Our Team

PGTx is led by an experienced management team with global commercial, technical and financial expertise and is supported by top scientific and industry advisors.

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