As a social enterprise, PGTx intends to improve global health in both developing and developed countries. Our vaccine technologies originated in animal health, which is required to be low-cost. The principle of cost-effective innovation runs through PGTx’s vaccines for human health.  For the lower income countries where cost is an issue, the vaccines will be manufactured and then distributed through multinational health organizations, local governments and NGO health networks. For these vaccines, PGTx will pursue a pricing policy consistent with our social enterprise goals. Vaccines will be provided at the lowest possible cost (with margins covering manufacturing, development costs and distribution), while also making a contribution to the expectations of our social enterprise partners and ensuring financial sustainability. For “commercial” developed markets including the travelers’ market and military contracts, a conventional licensing model will be followed. Revenues generated from these markets will be the major drivers of ROI.
PGTx will identify socially minded companies around the world to secure manufacturing and supply chain partners. In developing countries this will create jobs and thereby contribute to their GDP.