About Us

PGTx is a social impact biologics company that is developing vaccines and an adjuvant delivery system to address pressing unmet global human health needs.   Our mission is to apply scientific innovation to provide global access to affordable vaccines and to be a profitable enterprise.  


The company’s novel, recombinant vaccine technology platform enables the development of vaccines providing broad cross-protection among related pathogens. The PGTx cross-protective vaccines, vectored in both live attenuated and inactivated bacteria and yeasts, have the potential to be a game changer in vaccinology. The vaccines under development address neglected infectious tropical and emerging diseases causing major global health problems, but where there are no successful vaccines and/or therapies.


PGTx’s mannosylated chitosan adjuvant delivery system (MCA) safely delivers vaccines mucosally (oral and intranasal routes). MCA potentially revolutionizes vaccine delivery and distribution with an oral vaccine that can be easily deployed in low-income countries. MCA is used in the PGTx vaccines and is available for use in third-party vaccines.


PGTx’s vaccine platform and adjuvant delivery system leverage ten years and millions of dollars of successful research and development in pre-clinical animal studies at research institutions across the globe.  The vaccines have demonstrated safety and efficacy in multiple animal models. PGTx embraces the One Health concept where human and animal wellbeing are interdependent.


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