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About Us

PGTx is a biologics company developing a first-in-class vaccine to address global bacterial dysentery, a pressing unmet human health need.   Our mission is to apply scientific innovation to provide an affordable vaccine that will have a global high health and economic impact and provide a commensurate rate of return to our investors.


The company’s novel technology has enabled the development of a vaccine, PGTx-SESC, that provides broad cross-protection among four related pathogens that are the main causes of bacterial dysentery. The vaccine is a potential game changer in vaccinology as there are no vaccines currently available that provide the broad cross-protection against the major bacterial dysentery pathogens, and only one vaccine that provides protection against one of the pathogens.


The vaccine leverages twelve years and millions of dollars of successful research and development in veterinary and Proof of Concept pre-clinical animal studies. These were carried out at internationally recognized research institutions, and the research has demonstrated safety and efficacy.

The vaccine utilizes a novel adjuvant delivery system, Hercules, that safely delivers vaccines mucosally via the oral and intranasal routes. A low-cost, orally delivered cross protective bacterial dysentery vaccine will have a dramatic impact on the heath and economic welfare of our global community.

Meet the Team

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